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Past Events with Heylo

Heylo Sessions: LüChi Takeover

December 12, 2021
Heylo Sessions and title sponsor, PAX, burst back onto the scene with a live, in-person event featuring a takeover by Seattle’s favorite Twins, LüChi, along with special guests in an evening of elevated drag performances, live music, giveaways, and mystical wonder.
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Cannabinoids 101 and The Heylo Way | Heylo higherED Webinar with Smoking Crow

March 10, 2021
This engaging webinar will help provide an overview of what makes Heylo and our products stand out from the rest. We will dig into the science of cannabis, giving focus to cannabinoids and their effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). We will review the benefits of a having a diverse range of terpenes and cannabinoids in your cannabis and how it interacts with your ECS.
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BODYHIGH - Total Body Bands

February 18, 2021
Whether you consider yourself a strength band expert or this is your very first time, join us to work up a sweat and feel fit and lit!
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How Topicals Can Make Life Better | higherED Webinar

February 10, 2021
Ever wondered how topicals can make everyday life better? How do they work? What are they used for? Can topicals help with skin irritations? Arthritis? Muscle soreness? Sex? Let's dive in and explore the science along with anecdotal evidence.
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BODYHIGH - Arms and Back

February 4, 2021
Summer isn't that far away, get those guns ready for the sun!
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