About Heylo Create

Who We Are

Heylo Create was founded by Lo Friesen in 2016. Lo is a environmental chemist (Northwestern University) with a background working in gastroenterolgy. Her passion for practical medicine led her to cannabis and extraction sciences. Lo has consulted the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers on the design of CO2 extraction systems and developed a reputation as one of the nation’s leading craft extractors through her company Heylo Cannabis, named “Best Overall Company” and Best CBD Product by Leafly (2018).

Lo is joined on the the Heylo Create team by an industrial food safety auditor, a Silicon Valley digital marketer, and a seasoned industrial workflow engineer.

Who We Help

Heylo works with select clients based on their existing infrastructure and resources, the specific market they are entering, and unique challenges they face. Our current clients include companies across the United States, Canada, and Colombia.

How We Do It

Every engagement is customized to the unique needs and situation of the client. We go to great lengths to understand each client’s opportunity and think outside the box to create solutions that are sustainable, forward-thinking, and efficient.

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